Repair of the Diesel engine for the Water Supply of the Mission Hospital Adi

This project is finished. Please do not donate for this project.

Project Information


The mission hospital in Adi located in the north east of Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a rural area about one hour drive from Koboko, Uganda. It is also very close to South Sudan.

Landkarte der Umgebung von Adi, Demokratische Republik Kongo


The population in the area is very poor. The average daily income per family is about $1. People work mainly as farmers and produce crops mainly for themselves. Only a small part is sold on the local market to pay school fees and medical help.

What is the Problem?

A few months after the pump has been replaced the old diesel engine which runs the pump was broken. Therefore it was not possible to pump water from the source to the high tank.

In the meantime the hospital staff carried water with jerrycans from the source to the hospital.

The financially the hospital has no support from outside. Everything is financed by the patients fees.

Everybody who needs medical help is being treated even if in the case he has no money.
Most people in the hospital area are very poor and cannot pay the fees. Sometimes they bring some food, chicken or goat instead of money. Sometimes they cannot contribute something at all.

Therefore the mission hospital cannot afford to buy spare parts for the engine and other maintenance on the water supply.

Our Help

Subdivision exploration with

  • buying the original spare parts of the engine in Germany
  • transporting the spare parts via Uganda to DRC
  • repair of the diesel engine
Our local co-operation partner

The missionary hospital in Adi is a hospital with 152 beds. It was built by American missionaries in 1952. It belongs to the local Protestant church in Adi. The aim is to teach people the love of God by helping sick people.

At hospital work about 71 staff. The mission hospital has the following departments:

  • maternity
  • general care
  • pediatric
  • surgery
  • technical medical department
  • laboratory
  • administration and finance
How much is the project?

All the materials for this project must be bought in Kampala, Uganda and be transported to Adi, DRC. This is a trip of two days.

Project costs: 3,700 Euro