Extension and rehabilitation of the water supply of the mission hospital

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Project information


The mission hospital in Adi located in the north east of Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a rural area about one hour drive from Koboko, Uganda. It is also very close to South Sudan.

Landkarte der Umgebung von Adi, Demokratische Republik Kongo


The population in the area is very poor. The average daily income per family is about $1. People work mainly as farmers and produce crops mainly for themselves. Only a small part is sold on the local market to pay school fees and medical help.

What is the problem?
mission hospitan in Adi

The hospital Adi has again a functioning centrifugal pump again since 2015. In 2016 we repaired the diesel engine, which drives the centrifugal pump. Therefore we bought original spare parts in Germany and took it with us in the suitcase. The water supply of the hospital is nevertheless in a very bad condition. In addition the way of the pipe system does not make much sense so it causes high losses of pressure.

The following sub-projects will be carried out this year:

  • Buying a solar pump and the materials
  • Buying a solar system and the materials
  • Rehabilitation of the main water water supply
  • Modification of the water supply
  • Installation of washbasins in all rooms of the hospital
  • Construction of a septic tank
  • Construction of a watchman house at the pumping station
  • Rehabilitation of the lower basin

The hospital in Adi is dependent on help from the outside, since the patients are often so poor that they can not pay the bill for treatment. Everyone who comes and needs help gets help. Sometimes people pay in kind, but that can not be used to buy medication or to pay salaries. Therefore the hospital cannot efford to buy equipment like a solar pump, a solar system etc.

Our help

We buy the necessary materials, e.g. solar pump, solar system, HDPE pipe, wash basin etc. in Kampala, Uganda, transport it to Adi. The technicians of the hospital will do the setup and construction work. Thereafter, the technical staff is trained in the operation and maintenance of the system.

old solar pump
How much is the project?

The project requires a high logistical effort, since there are no spare parts and pumps to buy on site. In this case, everything that is needed must be bought in Kampala and Arua, Uganda and transported to Adi.

Project costs: The costs of the individual sub-projects are listed in the wish list 2017.