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A small Toyota bus is parked in front of the guesthouse. Two men wait to the left of it; one stands by the boot

After breakfast we left for Adja. There is a mission hospital in the bush, without any water supply. In 2018, we carried out survey work there. The rest of the work was delayed because of Corona,

among other things. So it was high time to continue there. Deleo and his geologist were on the tour. Deleo was to assess whether it was possible to drive to Adja with the two large trucks carrying the drilling equipment. The road there is adventurous, as far as you can call it a road. On the way, the road went along the Uganda - DR. Congo border. There were always small border crossings and therefore always immigration checkpoints. Once we were checked, i.e. we had to show our passports and visas. The official was not satisfied with my passport. The hospital doctor and Flory, who were also in the car, had to get out and come into the house with my passport. After 45 minutes they came back and we were allowed to continue. The border official complained that I was only using my 6-month visa after five months. I should have entered already in the first three months. He then called the chief in Aru. A day later it turned out that he had not followed the official channels and was fired on the same day. Checking The Tyres It was very warm, the air conditioning didn't work and we drank a lot. At some point I needed a pee break and said "I need a short call". Deleo laughed and said "We call it cheching the tyres'". Somehow everyone had to check the tyres, but no one said anything. When we had been driving for a while, I asked Deleo what he thought about the road - because of the trucks. His answer: „It is possible.“ A little later I asked again. The road was no longer sooo good. His answer: „It is challenging.“ About an hour before arrival, the road was no longer a road. Our car kept getting bumped. The potholes were very deep and big. His comment: „Only by faith – not by sight.“ On arrival he looked at me and laughedWir wurden mit erwartet und sollten Soda trinken. Zeit hatten wir nicht, denn es warr schon 16 Uhr und um 18 Uhr geht die Sonne unter. Wir haben also gleich mit der hydro-geologischen Untersuchung angefangen. „Only by faith and by sight and in the dry season!“ We were expected and told to drink soda. We didn't have time, because it was already 4 pm and the sun sets at 6 pm. So we started right away with the hydro-geological survey. Durchführen der hydro-geologischen Untersuchung - Querprofilaufnahme Afterwards we had dinner and got our overnight accommodations. I'm used to a lot, but this time it took a bit of getting used to: The door to the outside could not be locked, there was no light switch. To turn off the light, you have to get up on the chair and turn out the bulb; you should have a torch with you. WC was outside the door, i.e. open air. When the light was off and I was lying in bed, I saw the fireflies circling - like aeroplanes in the night sky. When I got up in the morning, the whole frame of the mosquito net collapsed ... my goodness. I tell you!


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