Representatives from science and non-governmental organisations such as the German Society for World Population and the German Welhungerhilfe. The Institute Water for Africa e. V. was represented by its founder and chairman J├╝rgen Baisch. The second round table focused on population growth in Africa and the increasing demand for water on the continent. Expert contributions by John Nyaoro (Director Water Resources, Ministry of Water and Development, Kenya) and Caroline Kent (German Society for World Population) opened the discussion. Using Kenya as an example, they demonstrated clearly how water management can be practised so that it serves the poor. It was pointed out that the demand for water will increase strongly with the population. To avoid conflicts over water, it is important to find ways to manage water resources across national borders. Between countries bordering a river, such as the Nile, there are always differences regarding the amount of water. During the Round Table, the Institute Water for Africa e. V. established first contacts for concrete cooperation with East African countries. It regards the conference as successful and forward-looking.