Ein Mechaniker arbeitet am Hinterrad des Autos

our car had a flat tyre. We then removed the wheel. There was something missing ... the shock absorber came off. That's why it took a beating the whole way. TIC - This is Congo! (In reference to "TIA - This is Africa!"). Shock absorbers are simply overrated, you can do without them.

Rear wheel without shock absorber
For safety reasons, we drove back to Abedju with two cars. The one without shock absorbers took the short cut with a bad road to the next workshop, the other one took the good roads, this route was longer, to the check post from the day before. There was another short discussion, about 20 minutes; my passport stayed with Boss and he went with the 2 chief doctors and a pastor to the top immigration boss in Aru. On the way, we had to refuel.
A woman fills petrol from a jerrycan into a 1-litre plastic bottle
Petrol flows from a yellow jerrycan into a plastic bottle
Road of red earth, bushes on the left and right.
Red sandy path on the left, grass on the right, huts in the background.
One day in Adja and the attitude towards Abedju changes. Abedju is not luxurious: there is no power socket, no ceiling. But compared to Adja, it is pure luxury!