Eine Gruppe von Leuten unter einem Baum

which is currently under construction, are without water.

The school has been in existence since 2015 and has 259 pupils. There is a well 2 km away with shallow water that is no longer usable. Currently, an open, unprotected well 2.5km away in the swamp is used. The water is not suitable for drinking; it causes diarrhoea and bilharzia.
A new borehole for a hand pump would benefit not only the 259 pupils but also 160 church members and 185 households about 5 people each; in total 1344 people.

Afterwards we drove on to Amon Oloo Coo. It is quite remote in the bush. On the way there, there was always road work with detours. Once, the diversions was not feasible even for the Hilux. We would have got stuck in the soft ground even with 4WD. We didn't have a winch with us to pull us out by a tree. So we went back a bit and took a diversion across fields, trails and gardens. We arrived three quarters of an hour late and were already expected. A meeting with many villagers outside under trees followed.

The church of the parish is 71 years old. The parish looks after the welfare of all the residents, including those of the four surrounding villages of Acone, Odeye, Amati buru and Adagnyeko That is 158 households of about 7 people each, a total of 1106 people. All of these would benefit from a borehole with a hand pump. Currently, water is fetched in jerry cans from an open spring 2-3 km away. The water is of poor quality; the children get stomach aches. This indicates bilharzia.

In the rainy season the water is very brown and in the dry season people queue for many hours. Quarrels break out.

At the end we were given two chickens. A gesture of thanks for coming to them and taking care of their problem with the water supply.

Round huts a village.