FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is IWFA?

IWFA stands for "Institute Water for Africa". We are a non-profit organization and have the objective to sustainably improve the living conditions in Africa.

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Where does IWFA work?

We conduct

  1. projects in the field of water ressources management. This includes for example
    • water treatment with simple methods, which can be run by the local people without expensive technics.
    • water supply (distribution networks)
    • sanitation
    • irrigation
    • desalination of soil
  2. seminars about
    • water treatment and hygiene
    • hydrology

We don't drill.

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Can I get professional advice for a project?

Please contact IWFA Consulting if you need a professional consultation for a project. If it turns out that your project is feasible for us (Institute Water for Africa (IWFA)), your project can be supported by us professionally and financially.

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Where IWFA work?

We work in Africa only. Our work is not limited to some countries. We offer professional help by demand.

In Germany we offer seminars.

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How is IWFA financed?

We are financed through donations and grants. Our work is voluntary.

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Does IWFA finance projects?

IWFA does not finance projects. Our finances are only used for our own work.

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