Vision "Monitoring Network"

Laying the Foundations

The association was founded primarily to establish a transnational hydro-meteorological monitoring network in Africa. Many years of preparation have gone into this ambitious project. Despite the immense need for action and against the background of climate change, not an organization, foundation or government has agreed to fund the project. Until that happens, this project is on the back burner.

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Establishing An Exhaustive Cross-National Measuring Network

The project includes the establishment of cross-national hydrological and meteorological gauging stations covering all needs, to record water resources in their seasonal and geographical variables. This is necessary to get a reliable basis for the planning of a sustainable water deposit management. Increasing population und resulting food requirements will demand higher agricultural food production in the future. Without irrigation this will not be possible, especially in semiarid and arid areas.

Since existing measuring networks do not have sufficient density, it will be necessary to build additional hydrological and meteorological gauging stations. Existing gauging stations are far from being sufficient to provide convincing and reliable parameters of water facts and figures like precipitation, run-off and evaporation.

The project can be started as soon as the necessary means are available. At present we are looking for sponsors who want to support our ambitious pioneering work.