Laying the Foundations

The association was founded primarily to establish a transnational hydro-meteorological monitoring network in Africa. Many years of preparation have gone into this ambitious project. Despite the immense need for action and against the background of climate change, not an organization, foundation or government has agreed to fund the project. Until that happens, this project is on the back burner.

Our aim is to support African countries in establishing a sustainable water management. It is part of our central task to set up a measuring network that consists of weather stations, ground water gauging stations and gauging stations at rivers to record and process the measured data. By doing this, the foundation for a sustainable management of water resources in Africa is laid.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see the dry areas of Africa become green and fertile again. We are laying the foundations for this process by setting up a hydro-meteorological measuring network in Africa.

Pioneering Work

What we know is drop, what we don't know an Ocean.
Sir Isaac Newton, 1643 - 1727

With our project „Establishing a cross-national hydro-meteorological monitoring network for creating the preconditions for sustainable water resources management“, we do pioneering work that makes an important contribution for environmental protection and the sustainable improvement of the living conditions of people in Africa.

The pioneering work consists of the establishing of a measuring network of sufficient density and of the storage of data like precipitation, air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, radiation, reflected radiation, duration of sunshine, ground water level and water level in a central database. These data are of fundamental importance for every project planning where water matters.

We consider ourselves as the future central service provider where participating countries, organisations of development cooperation and their partners can obtain hydro-meteorological data and analyses.

In the future, more people are to have freshwater at their disposal and dry areas shall become fertile again.
Up to now, no international organisation has tackled this important fundamental work in Africa.

Read the more detailed description about our vision "Monitoring Network".

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