Water Supply in Muhingo

This project is finished. Please do not donate for this project.

Project Information


The village Muhingo (02° 42' 40'' S 029° 11' 28'' O) is located nearby Runyanzari and is in a countrified hilly area. It is in an altitude of 1,750 m in the north west of Burundi close to Rwanda. Because of the bad roads apart the main road it can only be reached by 4WD car.

Karte von Muhingo in Burundi


The village has 700 inhabitants. The resident population works on the nearby fields and sells the self cultivated foodstuffs. The mean daily income of family of 6 family members is about 1,500 Fbu (0.75 Euro).

What is the Problem?

The village has one public standpipe where the water is distributed free of charge. It is mainly used for cooking, drinking and hygiene. The water comes from a source in the mountain. It is stored in a high level tank.

From there it is distributed to the village. Somebody who wants to connect to the distribution network has to pay 10,000 Fbu (about 5 Euro) per year. Someone who cannot afford this has to fetch the water at the public standpipe. About half of the villagers have to walk 2 km to this public standpipe. The people are busy many hours to fetch water. One filled jerrycan with water is about 20 kg.

Our Help

It is the wish of the local population to get another public standpipe at the church. This is located in the other side of the village. It is estimated that about half of the resident population will use this new public standpipe. This would disburden the daily life very much because they need not walk so far to fetch water.

Therefore we plan to install a branch conduit from the main distribution pipe to the church and also a public standpipe.

Our local co-operation partner

On site we work together with the local charity NGO Christian Community Development in Burundi (CCD Burundi).

How much is the project?

he construction materials must be transported from the capital Bujumbura which is 2.5 hours to Muhingo. Pipes must be layed in-ground.

Project costs: 2,000 Euro