Demonstration with Moringa in Rukaramu

After yesterday's visit to Rukaramu was clear to me that I can not put off a solution to the problem for the population until we have received the necessary donations. Finally, there is at least a Moringa tree in the village. But no one knows its potential.

Therefore, I started a demonstration of water treatment with Moringa oleifera in the morning in Rukaramu. It lasted until the evening. A few seeds of the tree I have brought just in case from Germany. The village population was very impressed how fast you can clean and disinfect water with the seeds of the tree.
After the demonstration the population still had many questions about what the other components of the tree can be used for.

Now the residents of Rukaramu eagerly await a project in which the Moringa tree is being planted on a large scale and to receive hygiene training at school.





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