International Conference in Edinburgh

International Workshop "Water and Sanitation in International Development and Disaster Relief"

Host of the conference was the University of Edinburgh. The participants of the 3 days lasting conference came from scientific institutions in Europa, Africa, Asia and North- and South America.

Topics of the conference amongst others were

  • Water and Sanitation Needs in International Development and Disaster Relief
  • Appropriate Water Supply Technologies: Performance, Mainternance Strategies and Costs
  • Why is Sanitation failing? Sustainable Sanitation Approaches
  • Integrating Water & Sanitaion: Infrastructure, Energy, Monitoring & Mainternance Issues

We have published a six-page article on the issue "Data Shortage in Africa" in the proceedings of the conference.

Wir haben einen 6-seitigen Artikel zum Thema "Data Shortage in Africa" im Buch zur Tagung veröffentlicht.
The article is in the Download section.

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