Round Table "Water Distribution in Africa" in Berlin

Challenges - Experiences - Solutions

Yesterday, the Roundtable “Water Distribution in Africa - Challenges, Experiences, Solutions” was organised in Berlin/Germany.

22 ambassadors of African nations and representatives of non-governmental organisations, such as the German Foundation for World Population (DSW) and Institute Water for Africa, followed the event invitation sent out by
Frank Heinrich, member of the German Parliament, and the Embassy of Zambia.

The concept of a “water kiosk” as an example for successful water supply was presented. Mr. Holtkotte underlined the importance that the consumers need to know that they will receive the water for free, but that they will need to pay for the maintenanceof the facilities. He gave examples of relatively high water losses of more than 50%. Currently, consumers only pay for 30% of the costs for water supply.

Institute Water for Africa believes that rural areas should not be neglected. Otherwise, migration to the cities will increasingly occur, which will lead to increased growth of slums. An efficient water supply and wastewater management in rural areas will contribute to a functioning agriculture that can meet the growing demand for food.

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