Running water in Adi hospital

In an operation from 30.10. to 11.12. the sanitary supply of the hospital was fundamentally improved. This included installing 13 washbasins in the treatment and examination rooms and connecting them to the main line.
The existing pipe routing had to be changed in order to reduce the immense pressure losses so that sufficient water pressure reaches the tap. Sewage pits were also built to collect the slightly polluted water.
When the function of the washbasins was finally tested, general amazement was triggered: The taps worked perfectly everywhere and the water pressure was strong.

Word has spread like wildfire that Adi has running water

The next day, the regional director of mission hospitals came to see it. We were asked to look at the mission hospitals in Abedju, Adja, Ombayi and Ania to see if we could build a water supply there.

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