The Creeping Privatization of Water Services in Europe

Water is a human right

So far, it is so that the cities and municipalities may transfer a portion of the water supply to municipal utilities. The transfer is subject to conditions, e.g. how much the water supply may cost the consumer.

The European Commission now wants to claim that call for tenders for water supply must be announced across the EU. This international corporations have the opportunity to bid and buy the water supply. Corporations are not working in favor of the citizen, but in terms of shareholders. Their goal is not the welfare of society, but the welfare of shareholders. For this purpose a lot of profit has to be made. In the case of water supply this would mean that water is expensive. Not everybody will probably be able to afford it. A good example is the privatization of the power supply. Since privatization, the prices are rising. The companies are making more and more profit. For the financially weaker members of society that is a problem.

Also in Europe and in Germany the gap between rich and poor is widening. Water is the most important food. That has everyone to afford, also the financially weak. The human right to water applies to everyone, not just for the rich. Without water, no life.

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