"Welt: Bürger gefragt" - Economy

Peter Hofelich (MDL), commissioner of the State Government Commissioner for SMEs and crafts, put three theses at the beginning of the conversation on topics:

  • "We need to strengthen the contacts between companies and civil society!"
  • "Development policy is a major concern and a vital interest in an export-oriented state such as Baden-Württemberg!"
  • "Baden-Württemberg has developed an innovative and medium-sized business. This specific strengths we want to contribute in the development of policy!"

Heiner Wiemer (Oikocredit) stressed that economic cooperation is more sustainable than aid. Dagmar Eisenbach from Hewlett-Packard reported on civic engagement as part of the corporate culture. As an example, they argued that the employees of HP have the opportunity to do a part of their volunteer work during working hours. "Global citizenship' is part of the corporate culture of HP. She also encouraged for the political support of fair trade.

At the end of the event thanked Peter Hofelich (MDL) for the posts. The moderation had Dr. Regina Fein and Dr. Dieter Heidtmann of the Evangelical Academy Bad Boll.

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