"Welt: Bürger gefragt" - kick-off event

The State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg and the Evangelical Academy Bad Boll have invited for this event. The event was attended by approximately 350 citizens.

In a panel discussion on "dialogue encounter at eye level" Dr. Erhard Eppler, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation a. D., Eva Hosemann, Director of theater Rampe in Stuttgart, Prof. Dr. Elisio Macamo, Centre for African Studies of the University Basel, Stephan Meier Bruck, head of Kenya Art Project and Roland Beinroth, Managing Director of Messe Stuttgart GmbH talked about what they hope to achieve with this series of event "Welt: Bürger gefragt!".


The event offered the opportunity to participate in one of four workshops. The workshops proposals were discussed and gathered to assess whether to align the future development policy of Baden-Württemberg.
The four workshops were under the theme

  • North-South partnerships
  • education and science
  • Business / Fair Trade
  • environmental sustainability

The participants of each workshop chose one delegate for the Assembly of Delegates on 07/07/12 in Karlsruhe. From the workshop "Environmental sustainability" Jürgen Baisch was elected delegates.

Detailed information "Welt: Bürger gefragt!"

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