Churches and NGOs as Partners

Our local partners are mostly Christian churches and communities as well as NGOs. They find it difficult to get state support. As a rule, they cannot finance a large project such as a water supply.

At eye level

Our local partners are often our first contact. They ask us for help. Before and during the project, we are in lively exchange. They know the place, the school or the hospital where help is needed. They know the people and organise everything that is necessary for a project on site. Together, the best possible solution is found and implemented.
People stand in front of a house and talk to each other

Personally on site

We assess a new potential project on site. This is the only way we can find the best possible individual solution.
Each project is also personally supervised by us during the construction phase and completion. From the first contact to the completion, it is in good hands.

Good Cooperation

Special work, such as drilling, is contracted out to competent, trustworthy local partner companies. They have qualified staff such as hydrologists, geologists and hydraulic engineers.
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