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Adi is located in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the triangle of Uganda - South Sudan - Dem. rep. Congo. The small town is about one hour east of Koboko, Uganda. From there Adi is also supplied with food and merchandise by motorcycle.


The population in Adi and its surroundings is very poor. The people live from agriculture. But the income is very low, unemployment is high. The majority of the population has to get by on less than $1 a day.

What's the problem?

The Adi hospital has had a functioning centrifugal pump again since 2015. In 2016 we repaired the diesel engine that drives the centrifugal pump.

The water supply of the hospital is currently still ensured by a centrifugal pump driven by a diesel engine. The operating costs are high. In addition, the water losses due to the dilapidated PVC pipe are high.

The following sub-projects were carried out:
  • Replacement of the 1 km long, dilapidated PVC main pipe from the pump to the elevated tankInstallation of a solar pump
  • Construction of the solar system for the solar pump

The hospital in Adi is dependent on outside help, as the patients are often so poor that they cannot pay the bill for treatment. Everyone who comes and needs help gets help. Sometimes people pay in kind, but this does not pay for medicines or salaries. Therefore the hospital cannot finance such expenses like a new pump.

Our help

We bought the materials such as solar pump, solar system and 1km of HDPE pipeline in Kampala, Uganda and transported them to Adi, DR. Congo. Together with the local staff and an external expert we installed the solar pump, set up the solar system and laid the 1km long HDPE pipeline from the pumping station to the elevated tank.

After completion, the technical staff of the hospital was trained in the operation of the solar pump and the centrifugal pump for several days.

What does the project cost

The project required a high logistical effort as there was no material to be purchased locally. In this case, everything that was needed had to be purchased in Kampala and Arua, Uganda and transported to Adi.

Project costs: The costs amounted to about 20,000 Euros.
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