2 men holding a 100m roll of pipeline

The basis of every water supply is the pumping test. It is used to test the performance of the aquifer after drilling the borehole. This tells us how strong the pump can be. If a pump is installed that is too strong, the pump breaks down and the groundwater level drops.

So far, we always have to hire a company to do the pumping test. That costs about 750 euros each time. On top of that, the company has to have time and be willing to travel to remote areas. That is often a problem.

For this reason, we would like to acquire equipment for pumping tests so that we can work more independently.

The equipment basically consists of a generator, a 100m HDPE pipe and a submersible pump.

The individual parts cost about:

  1. Generator 900 Euro
  2. 100m pipeline 200 Euro
  3. Submersible pump 3700 Euro

The equipment costs about 4,800 Euros

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