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  • Project completed on: 2020-04-20

During the COVID-19 disaster, hygiene is more important than ever. Hygiene without water is not possible. With your support the primary school has received a hand pump.

Project is completed Location The primary school "Sikang" is a public mixed primary school. The school was founded in 1976 as a learning centre for the children of the huge Sikang village. The school is located in Sikang' village, south of Ugenya, Simenya, Ugunja, Siaya County. What was the problem? The ongoing water problems affecting many schools in Siaya District have not left Sikang Primary School on an island of isolation. In fact, the situation in Sikang primary school has had a serious impact on the general school development, especially in the academic field. The school was largely dependent on the water of the local seasonal river Fuludhi, and sometimes the water was brought to the school by the students from home. The river in question normally becomes muddy and is heavily polluted, especially during the rainy season. As a result, waterborne diseases occurred frequently. In addition to the school, the neighbouring community, whose children go to school in Sikang, has also spent a lot of money on the treatment of water-related diseases, thus consuming a lot of community income. The number of school children has steadily declined due to these water-related diseases. At the time the well was drilled, the total number of students decreased to 450 from 973 in 2012. On average, 66 pupils fell ill every month. This means that about 14.5% of the students were sick every month. The school has a community population of 230 households with an average of 6 persons per household. Among the most common diseases were typhoid fever, malaria, diarrhoea, cholera and others. What you have achieved with your donation With your support we were able to commission our local partner in Kisumu, Kenya to drill a well and install a hand pump. The work was carried out according to our high technical requirements. Fruits of your donation Since the borehole was established, according to neighboring community members who are currently using water because the school is on break because of Corvid 19, the intensity of waterborne diseases has decreased significantly in both children and the elderly. They attribute this to the clean and safe water from the school borehole, which today is the main source of drinking and cooking water.In summary, it can realistically be said that the water has brought about a positive change in the life of the Sikang community.


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