Project completed on: 2020-11-18

Disadvantaged Women And Girls Need Help

The sewing school is located in Abako near Lira, northern Uganda. It is located in the former war zone of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).

Short history of the sewing school

For 20 years, people lived in fear of the LRA rebels, who waged a civil war at the expense of their own people: women were mutilated, raped and abused. Hundreds of thousands of children were kidnapped and trained as child soldiers.

Since 2011, the Chosen Generation Ministries (CGM) centre has been operating in Abako. There, for example, widows and young single mothers can train to become seamstresses. Many of them are traumatized by the civil war, could not attend school or were forced into a relationship by their families at the age of 15, as the families cannot afford the costs.

Center of CGM - a place of hope

The CGM Center is a place of hope and Christian charity where the students learn and live, receive Bible instruction and pastoral care. There is also a church building, a kitchen and two offices on the premises.

Water has to be brought in from far away and has to be bought.

The place is located in a semi-arid area, which means that water is scarce. Up to now the school has been supplied with water collected in rain barrels. This is not enough to bridge the dry season.

Hand pump would be the solution

CGM has asked us to build a well for them. During an on-site visit in February 2020 we played through various possibilities of water supply. The only solution is to build a hand pump.
On this occasion we carried out a geophysical survey together with our local partner and found a promising point for a well and the hand pump.

The surrounding population will also benefit from the hand pump.

Project Costs

The project costs about 8,500 Euro.

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