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Nyankumbu is located on the south shore of Lake Victoria, only a few minutes away from Geita.


The inhabitants of Nyankumbu often fall ill with typhoid fever. Since many parts of the village are supplied with town water, people trust that the water is drinkable without boiling it.

Appearances are deceptive. They drink it and often get sick.

What's the problem?

We had a sample of the city water tested for germs and bacteria. Typhus pathogens have been detected. This suggests that the water is not chlorinated enough. The water comes from the nearby Lake Victoria.

Our Help

Before the construction of the water kiosk, we held a five-day workshop on water treatment in the neighbouring town of Geita.

There the participants, including five from Nyankumbu, were trained how to treat water with sodium hypochlorite. The sodium hypochloride was produced by the company itself.

In the newly built water kiosk, the participants now produce sodium hypochlorite and use it to treat the city water. The population there now receives drinking water.

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