Project Monitoring Network

Climatic and Hydrological Observations for Sustainable Projects

The aim of our work is to set up a hydro-meteorological measuring network of weather stations, groundwater gauging stations and gauging stations of sufficient density in Africa  that continuously raises data. Cross-national measured data is stored in a central database and analysed statistically, so that every area can be supplied with applicable data for calculations in water resources management.

The project will provide the preconditions for sustainable water resources management by making quantities and figures for water resources management planning available. Thus, future water supply and sanitation systems can be dimensioned sufficiently for all parts of the population. Only in this way water-caused diseases, malnutrition and poverty will be reduced or avoided. The project will contribute to the optimal economic development of a country with regards to basic ecological conditions of every region.
Its results can be applied in the following fields

  1. agriculture (irrigation and drainage, desalination of soil)
  2. housing water management (water supply and sanitation)
  3. erosion control
  4. flood protection
  5. water balance
  6. nature conservation (establishment of borders for marshlands, nature reserves, national parks)
  7. energy industry
  8. rural and urban measures (road and path construction, sewerage systems)