Water Treatment with Moringa in Rukaramu

This project is finished. Please do not donate for this project.

Project Information


The village Rukaramu (03° 18' 43'' S 029° 17' 27'' O) is located in visual range of the international airport Bujumbura. Rukarama is located in a lowland and can only be reached with a 4WD car. The village consists of 150 houses which were build by the government. A family of a mean value of 6 persons lives in a house. A piece of land which can be used as a garden belongs to every house.

Karte von Rukaramu in Burundi


The families are returnees from Tanzania who fled during the civil war.

The resident population works as day labourer at the neighboring rice field. The average daily income of a family is about 3,000 Fbu (about 1.50 Euro). Sometimes there is no work. Rukaramu has 800 inhabitans.

What is the Problem?

A company built a well some years ago which supplied the village with clean water. For some time the facility is broken and is repaired by nobody. Since that time the resident population drinks the dirty brown coloured water which is from a river and is also used for irrigation of the rice field.

Our Help

The dirty water which flows in an irrigation ditch through the village can be cleaned in a simple way.

Very scattered the Moringa tree (moringa oleifera) grows in Rukaramu. Its seeds canbe used for water treatment. During a first talk with the chief of the village it was made public that the resident population does not know the potential of the Moringa tree.

Our programme:

  • Teaching the resident population about the possibilities using the Moringa tree
  • Planting of 4 Moringa trees for each family
  • Lessons about the issue drinking water and hygiene at the primary school
  • Lessons about the issue drinking water and hygiene for the community
Our local co-operation partner

During the first project phase (cultivation and distribution of the plants) we have worked together with the local charity NGO Christian Community Development in Burundi (CCD Burundi).

During the second project phase our project is overseen by the agricultural engineer Kwizera Vital from Anamed. He is Burundian and teaches the local people in gardening, cultivating and use of Moringa oleifera.

How much is the project?

For the domestic water treatment a family needs a 20 litre bucket with a cover and a lockable 250 container.

With a donation of

  • 1 Euro you fund a lockable 250 ml container for a family
  • 6 Euro you fund a 20 litre bucket with a cover
  • 10 Euro you fund 150 Moringa oleifera seeds

Project costs: 2.000 Euro