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Projects only make sense if you do your best and use the best material. If you want it to be as cheap as possible, you might as well leave it alone. Otherwise you only disappoint people and throw your money away.

Jürgen Baisch

Eng. Water Resources Management in Tropis and Subtropics

Founder and 1. chairman.

Luxury Safe Water

Safe water, clean fresh drinking water is a matter of course for us. We turn on the tap, drink it, make coffee or tea with it.

In most parts of Africa, however, clean water is a luxury. Many diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera and typhoid could be prevented with it.
There, you have to fetch the water from several kilometres away in a canister and then boil it with firewood or charcoal before you can drink it.

First priority: Abedju Mission Hospital / DR Congo

We are in the starting blocks: Congo is still closed due to Corona until the end of July. As soon as it is possible again at the beginning of August, we want to complete the water supply for the mission hospital in Abedju. For this we need your help.


High quality and commitment to Safe Water because they are worth it to Jesus.

To make Jesus, the living water tangible.


We work everywhere in Africa where our help is needed.

Often in remote areas where large organisations do not go.


We speak running water:

Seminars and Workshops

Water supply and sanitation


Insights Into Our Work

Workers lay a water pipe

Work at the Grassroots

A main water pipe is laid
Workers build the foundation for a hand pump


Concreting a socket for a hand pump

Indicator solution drips from a pipette into a beaker

Help for Self-help

One-week workshop in water treatment

Current Projects

Speech by a 5th grade pupil of the primary school in Adyangowe, Uganda

This week we received a call for help from missionary friends in Ilakala, South Kivu region, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 3271 inhabitants share 2 taps to get water. The missionary couple


Your Contribution Keeps The Water Flowing

An African woman carries a blue bucket on her head, which she holds with her hand

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