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You already have everything and don't want any gifts

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Congratulations! Your special occasion can become a double reason for joy.

Invite your friends and family and start a personal fundraiser for clean water in Africa.

You will find a small guide (FAQ) further down this page.

Start Your Fundraising Campaign For Clean
Water Now

If you are donating from outside the euro area, we recommend that you donate by credit card instead of using PayPal. Otherwise we incur very high fees with PayPal.

Your Fundraising Campaign: Questions & Answers

What can I start a fundraising campaign for?
You can choose a current project or collect for water in Africa in general. In that case, we use the money where it is most needed.
If you need help in the area of water, please contact us directly. We will check your request to see if we can make it a new project.

Make your donation campaign a success!

How do I make my fundraising campaign successful?

This is very simple: Share diligently on all channels. The more people know about your personal action, the better. Set a good example and make the first donation yourself. This shows that you are fully behind your project and is an incentive.

Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Messanger and other networks to call for online donations for your campaign. Your family, friends and acquaintances will be happy to support you, and more distant acquaintances will follow. You can also print the link to your appeal on invitation cards or distribute cards with the link at your party or event.

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