Field of Work Water Supply

The water supply splits into 3 areas:

1. Water Extraction

Measuring the flow of a spring

At the beginning of the water supply is the water extraction.

Thereby the water can come from ground water, from surface water like rivers and lakes or from springs. A further method is rainwater harvesting.

2. Water Treatment

Extracted water, whether groundwater or surface water, must be treated in some way mostly, so it can be used as drinking water. Often the so-called untreated water contains undesirable substances such as suspended matter, bacteria, viruses, fertilizers residues or heavy metals. Depending on the ingredients, which must be removed, also the method of water treatment changes.

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3. Public Water Supply

Extension of a water supply.

The public water supply includes the water supply network with the network from the borehole or the spring to the water tank and the network from the water tank to the public tap, water kiosk or house connection. Pumps, generators and air vents are also part of the public water suply.