Our wish list for 2017

Sub-projects at Adi mission hospital, Dem. Rep. of the Congo. The water supply of the mission hospital is a very bad condition. The way of the pipe system does not make much sense is causes high losses in pressure.

Project 01/17 Solar pump and material:
Buying a GRUNDFOS SQF solar pump, with pneumatic switch to automate the water supply and to become more independent from diesel.
Project 02/17 Solar system and material:
Buying a complete solar system to run the solar pump.
Project 03/17 Rehabilitation of the main water supply:
The main water supply of PCV is broken and leaking. It has to be replaced with HDPE pipes.
Project 04/17 Modification of the water supply:
Modifying the direction of the water supply to have a higher pressure at the tap and to have water immediately after opening the tap.
Project 05/17 Installation of washbasins in all rooms of the hospital:
Up to now there is only one basin in the whole hospital. It is in the operating theatre.
Project 06/17 Construction of a septic tank:
Construction of a septic tank with chambers
Project 07/17 Construction of a watchman house at the pumping station:
The watchman sleeps in the pumping station. The solar pump will be installed close to this house. The watchman will have to care for the whole area.
Project 08/17 Rehabilitation of the lower basin:
The inner walls must be painted new. They are not tight.

Other independent projects

Project 09/17 WASH-seminar in the Dem. Rep. of the Congo €1800
Project 10/17 International IWFA seminar in Geita, Tanzania €2500
Project 11/17 Purchase of a beamers for our public relations €600
Project 12/17 Purchase of material for our public relations, e.g. flyers and rollup €300
Project 13/17 Fee for the Markt der Möglichkeiten at the Evang. Kirchentag in Berlin €620


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