Water treatment for the Halfway House in Balaka

This project is finished. Please do not donate for this project.

Project information


Prison Fellowship Malawi has it's HQ in Balaka. On the compound of Prison Fellowship Malawi is the Halfway House. Balaka is in the south of Malawi about two hours by car north east of Blantyre.

Karte der Umgebung von Balaka, Malawi

What is the problem?

The water from the public water supply is not treated and therefore it must be boild. Prison Fellowship Malawi offers up to 40 former prisoners a professional training in craft which takes five months. Besides this the participants get counseling and lern to forgive.*)

On the compound live up to 50 people. Food must be prepared. Firewood is expensive and to it for boiling water is a time consuming task. Potable water from the tap would be a great ease.

*) Sometimes people are arrested innocent or without judgment. Some have stolen a chicken or a goat to survive. For stealing a chicken you can jailed 3-4 years. For stealing a goat you can jailed 6-7 years.

Our help
2 Behälter je 1000 Liter und das Chlorungsgerät M-100

In co-operation with Prison Fellowship Malawi, private sponsers from USA and Canada we have installed a chlorinator which desinfects the water, have taught the staff in operation and maintenance of the device. We are using the M-100 from WaterStep. Table salt, water and electricity are all you need to desinfect the water with the M-100.

Thus the water from the tap is potable and need not to be boiled any longer. As a side effect chlorination helps to reduce the deforestation and erosion. Deforestation is a big problem in Malawi.

Our co-operation partner

Our partner on the ground is Prison Fellowship Malawi. It is a branch of Prison Fellowship.

How much is the project?

The whole plant costs $1,500. Our part is about 215 Euro. We have paid the two tanks each 1,000 litres.