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Lwamgasa is located in the Geita region. It is known for gold mining. Gold is mined all around the parish.


The population in Lvmagasa is very poor and sick. Since gold is mined in the region and mercury is also used, it contaminates the near-surface groundwater.

The people get their water from springs whose water is contaminated with mercury. It causes cancer, among other things. Life expectancy in the region is not very high.

What was the problem?

The people in the area are very poor and therefore try their luck in gold mining. They buy a small piece of land, a claim and dig for gold.

The gold only appears as gold jam and has to be bound with mercury. The near-surface groundwater is tempted and makes people ill.

There is only one solution: a deep bore hole through water-impermeable layers. There the risk of the water being contaminated is lower.

Our Help

Together with a local drilling company we drilled a 66 m deep well. We are the third organization that has done this there. The first two organisations did not get the drilling done. The well collapsed. The geology in the area is very special.

After the drilling, we had a water sample analyzed in the laboratory. Since no mercury was detected, the water is safe to drink.

Finally, we had a 38-hour pumping test carried out. It showed that 8116 liters per hour of groundwater are present, flowing in.

So the parish now has a professional well. They will procure the pump themselves.
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