"Welt: Bürger gefragt" - Closing Event

In the foyer of the parliament to actors of development cooperation presented their  information desks. The closing ceremony began with a fashion show of the Weltladen Esslingen.

In the Chamber, Peter Friedrich, Minister for Federal, European and international Affairs, thanked as saying "Today's final conference is the culmination of an intensive policy dialogue process. We had all citizens who are involved in development policy, called at the beginning of the year to bring their expertise, experiences and ideas. For these many suggestions now has an expert panel formulated a proposal for the new development policy guidelines for the country. As the initiator of this development policy civil dialogue I thank all those who have participated in a constructive way. We have received important impetus from the stakeholders that we now pick up and will together fill with life."

Bishop Dr. H. C. Frank Otfried July advocates that the results are put into action. "The dialogue is good - now it is up to our rich country to translate its results in detectable governance," said the Bishop.

Minister Friedrich stressed that development policy in Baden-Württemberg is a joint task that may be borne by the professional know-how of civil society, the citizens and especially. "Adequate participation is indispensable. Government funds should support this commitment and promote it, not replace it."

Finally, the experts panel presented the proposals for the guidelines and the proposals for action to the leaders of parliamentary groups.

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