World Food Day 2013

Since 1981 it exists - called the World Food Day or World Hunger Day. It commemorates the founding of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) as part of the UN. Officially it is a day of remembrance.

Given over a Millarde people who suffer from hunger, it is high time for the Memorial Day to make a day of action.

Approximately every 3 seconds a person dies of hunger. That is about 24,000 people per day. They die because they eat too little and have no clean drinking water.

Today's World Food Day with the slogan "Sustainable nutrition through nature-friendly farming". In Germany and elsewhere increasingly farmland is used for the production of biofuel. This has by nature-friendly farming nothing to do with sustainable food. In this sense, it would be good if Germany would stop the production of biofuels. The majority of the population has decided against this morally reprehensible variety of fuels. The introduction of E10 was a flop.




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