The continent is characterised by a large number of different people. Many of these different people and tribes have a history of colonialism. Poverty in different characteristics is a pestering problem for large parts of the population. Wealthy industrial nations, the world community and innumerable NGOs are permanently taking efforts to overcome these struggles for survival in different areas and to search for sustainable solutions.

It is estimated that at the beginning of 2011, about 1.03 billion people, that is 15% of the world population (6.9 billion), live in Africa. Statistics show that this percentage will probably increase in following decades due to high birth rates.

The Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations estimates that about 1.15 billion people live in Africa in 2015. That will be 16% of the world population (7.3 billion).

Growth in Sub-Sahara-Africa

Most people live in Sub-Sahara-Africa that means southern of Sahara. The table shows the growth there.

Population development in Sub-Saharan Africa; Data Source: UNDP
Year Population in Million
1990 483.1
2007 751.8
2020 1,014.3