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The village of Muhingo (02° 42' 40'' S 029° 11' 28'' E) is located near Runyanzari and is rural in a hilly area. It is situated at 1,750 m in the northwest of Burundi, near the border with Rwanda. Because of the bad roads off the main road it can only be reached by a vehicle with four-wheel drive.


The village has about 700 inhabitants. The population works in the surrounding fields and sells the food they grow themselves. The average daily income of a family of 6 people is about 1,500 Fbu (0.75 Euro).
Four women who have been shopping are standing in the village and talking to each other.

What's the problem?

The village has a public water point where water is distributed free of charge. It is mainly used for cooking, drinking and hygiene. The water comes from a spring in the mountain, whose water is collected in an elevated tank.

From there the water pipe runs into the village. Those who can be connected to the pipe pay 10,000 Fbu (approx. 5 Euro) per year. Those who cannot pay anything have to fetch their water at the public water point. For about half of the village population it is 2 km to the water point. The people are busy fetching water for several hours a day. A canister filled with water weighs 20 kg.

Elevated tank in the forest

Our Help

The wish was expressed to set up another public tap at the church. This is located on the other side of the village. It is estimated that about half of the population will use the new water point. This would make daily life much easier, as they would then no longer have to walk so far to fetch water.

Therefore we plan to lay a branch from the main water pipe to the church and install a standpipe there.

What does the project cost?

The construction material has to be transported from the capital Bujumbura, which is about 2.5 hours away, to Muhingo. A water pipe has to be laid underground, in a sand bed. It will be connected to the existing water supply network.

Project costs: 2.000 Euro

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