Women and children stand with their canisters at a well to fetch water

What's the problem?

The missionary hospital does not have a water supply in the actual sense, i.e. there is no running water.

There is a hand pump on the premises, but it is defective. Since it is not a branded product, there are no spare parts available. Quite apart from that, a hand pump cannot produce a water supply in the true sense, but only fill canisters.

At the moment the water is fetched with canisters from a creek about 1 km away and filled into plastic containers in the rooms. These have a water tap under which there is a bowl in which the dirty water is collected. The bowl serves as a sink.

The hygienic conditions are accordingly.

Can we Get Water

The management of the mission hospital asked us if they could get a water supply like the hospital in Adi.

From our point of view, the conditions are not sustainable for a hospital where people are supposed to get well again. That is why we have decided to start this project.

It includes the following work: Check whether the old borehole in which the defective hand pump is installed has sufficient capacity (litres per hour). A pumping test is carried out for this purpose.
If the borehole delivers enough water, a solar pump will be installed there. Otherwise, a geophysical measurement must be carried out on the hospital grounds to find a new location for a borehole. A solar pump will be installed in it.

While the sun is shining, the water is pumped into a 10 meter high elevated tank. From there, the water flows with sufficient pressure, in supply lines still to be built, to the hospital.

Wash basins will be installed in the rooms and the slightly contaminated wastewater will be led to cesspools in sewage pipes. The cesspools will be located outside the groundwater catchment area.

The following work has been carried out so far:
May / June 2018: Survey of the hospital premises and preparation of an as-built plan

Project Costs

The project costs about 33,000 Euro.

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