Nyankumbu - Water kiosk inaugurated

This afternoon we inaugurated the water kiosk in Nyankumbu.

At the seminar "Water treatment with sodium hypochlorite" there were some participants from Nyankumbu. There they learned how to make sodium hypochlorite from common salt.

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Lwamgasa - pumping test

On 04.12. at 17.00 o'clock the preparations for the pumping test were completed - connect the pump, set up the generator, install the well whistle for depth measurement, etc.

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Lwamgasa - Well drilled

Today the drilling on the site of the parish Lwamgasa, the AICT (Africa Inland Church Tanzania) has been finished.

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Geita - Seminar Water Treatment

Today our 5-day seminar "Water treatment with sodium hypochlorite" in Geita, Tanzania ended. The main topic was the production of sodium hypochlorite to treat water. The participants brought water from their villages.

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Adja, Abedju - preparation for water supply

During the last 8 days we measured the area of the mission hospitals in Adja, Abedju and Ania / DR Congo.

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Adi - new water supply completed

After two weeks of work, the solar pump and solar system were officially inaugurated today and handed over to the Adi Mission Hospital.
In addition, the fittings and pipes on the old pump house were replaced. Now automatic operation of the solar pump and the centrifugal pump is possible.

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Benefit Christmas Cards

Yesterday, Daniela and Dirk Knauer ceremonially presented us with the proceeds of the CD donation campaign "Benefit Christmas Cards".

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Preparations for the new main water pipe

Preparations are currently underway to lay the new main water pipe in Adi, DRC:

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Running water in Adi hospital

In an operation from 30.10. to 11.12. the sanitary supply of the hospital was fundamentally improved. This included installing 13 washbasins in the treatment and examination rooms and connecting them to the main line. 

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Planted a tree

In the community of Lwamgasa, Tanzania, we have planted a tree today as a sign of future cooperation.

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Seminar Water treatment

This week the seminar "Water treatment with sodium hypochlorite" in Geita ended.

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Pumping protocols arrived

The new centrifugal pump (2015) and the repaired diesel engine (2016) are running reliable every day.

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Water supply repaired

Since today there again is water coming from the tap at the mission hospital in Adi, DRC. The diesel engine which runs the pumpe was broken. Therefore we have brought original spare parts from Germay to Uganda and DRC.

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WASH Seminar

From 30.11. untill 01.12.16 a WASH seminar (water sanitaion and hygiene) in Adi, DRC took place. 30 participants from the surrounding area attended the seminar.

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Albert-Schweitzer School donated €700

The Albert-Schweitzer in Denkendorf has donated 50% of their school festival for our projects. We are very happy about the donation of 700 Euro. We say thank you! to all students and teachers who have contributed to this success.

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Irrigation - Last preparations done

This week the final preparations for the start of the irrigation project in Bimbi have taken place. In a first phase nine hectares of for decades underused land will be irrigated.

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Chlorination for the Halfway House

2 tanks each 1,000 litres and the M-100 from WaterStep

Since today the Halfway House of Prison Fellowship Malawi a water treatment with chlorination. In co-operation with Prison Fellowship, private sponsors from the USA and Canada we have installed a water treatment using chlorine and have also taught the staff in operation and maintenance of the device. The used device is a M-100 from WaterStep. Table salt, water and electricity is all you need to desinfect water with the M-100.

Thus the water is potable from the tap and need to to be boiled.

Irrigation possible

In recent days, we have on a site that is no longer used for agricultural purposes for over 30 years, made an inspection and taken soil samples that are tested in the laboratory on soil physical parameters and nutrients.

After a long technical discussion with a local agricultural engineer and a subsequent discussion with the local people on an extra meeting the problem and different solutions were discussed.

We are confident to perform in collaboration with Emmanuel Internation Malawi, in 2016 an irrigation project near Ulongwe. In a first step, 9 ha of land are irrigated and thus again made fertile.

Mission Hospital Adi with running water

About two weeks of work the mission hospital in Adi, DRC has running water again. The new bought centrifugal pump is installed and connected to the old generator.

Almost 3 years the hospital staff has carried about 10,000 litres of water in 500 jerrycans from the spring up to the hospital. With the replacing of the pump normality is back in life. Now the staff can do it's real job again.

IWFA in an interview with Radio Radar

The interview is conducted by Clemens Lorenz of broadcasting Meissner (www.rundfunk-meissner.org), hosted by Radio Radar.

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7. Round Table "Water Cooperation in Africa" in Berlin

IWFA was invited by Frank Heinrich (MP) on round table "Water Cooperation in Africa" in the office of GIZ in Berlin. Registered were 55 diplomatic representatives 37 African countries.

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Site Exploration Trip to Kenya

The Kenyan CEF missionary Eva R. asked us to visit different sites in Kenya and to consider whether we can do a project there to improve the situation of the people.

The village Irigino near Nairobi, Mwea a surrounded by rice paddies village, the village Waimash were visited on the northern edge of Mount Kenya National Park and another village.

A detailed report can be found in the annual report.

Project completed in Rukaramu

The village Rukaramu is within sight of the international airport of Bujumbura in a plain. It consists of 150 houses that were built by the government. In them each a family with average of six family members lives. Each house has a small plot of land that can be used as a garden. The families are returnees from Tanzania who fled during the civil war in Burundi.

More about the project you can read on the project page.

Moringa stenopetala brought to anamed Burundi

This afternoon we went to Mukike the highlands, an hour away from Bujumbura. There we met Vital from anamed of Burundi. The village population was informed about our visit. There was a warm welcome with an official speech by the representatives of Mukike. We brought about 20 Moringa stenopetala plants.

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Project completed in Muhingo

Today, after 3 days of construction, the project was successfully completed in Muhingo. The existing water line has been supplemented by a branch. At the end of it a second tap has been built. This shortens the daily to fetch water considerably.

More about this project can be read on the project page.

World Food Day 2013

Since 1981 it exists - called the World Food Day or World Hunger Day. It commemorates the founding of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) as part of the UN. Officially it is a day of remembrance.

Given over a Millarde people who suffer from hunger, it is high time for the Memorial Day to make a day of action.

Approximately every 3 seconds a person dies of hunger. That is about 24,000 people per day. They die because they eat too little and have no clean drinking water.

Today's World Food Day with the slogan "Sustainable nutrition through nature-friendly farming". In Germany and elsewhere increasingly farmland is used for the production of biofuel. This has by nature-friendly farming nothing to do with sustainable food. In this sense, it would be good if Germany would stop the production of biofuels. The majority of the population has decided against this morally reprehensible variety of fuels. The introduction of E10 was a flop.




Moringa grows in Rukaramu

Today, the village chief of Rukaramu came into our cooperation partner CCD Burundi office. He reports that they have already got large plants from the end of June seeded Moringa seeds.

Where possible Moringa is already used for water purification now. The village population wishes that we come to show you what else you can do with the Moringa tree and plant more trees for all families.

You can help us.






Orphanage in Kirundo

After we had already stopped by last night the orphanage CCD Burundi, we came back this morning to show the children how they can prepare water with PET bottles and sunlight to clean water.

After a practical demonstration with explanations about the disinfecting effect of sunlight it was on the orphans turn, to try and repeat it once. Of course, the water could not be drunken immediately, because it takes six hours until the water is drinkable. But it is important that they understand each step. All have made it right away.
After the demonstration the director of Secondary School asked to give lessons on the subject at the next visit.

Visiting Muhingo

During today the site inspection trip was a visit to the village in the northwest Burundi Muhingo on the aganda. The village has about 700 inhabitants and only one public tap.

About half of the village population has to spend several hours every day to fetch water from the tap, 2 km away. Another public tap on the other side of the village would facilitate daily.



Demonstration with Moringa in Rukaramu

After yesterday's visit to Rukaramu was clear to me that I can not put off a solution to the problem for the population until we have received the necessary donations. Finally, there is at least a Moringa tree in the village. But no one knows its potential.

Therefore, I started a demonstration of water treatment with Moringa oleifera in the morning in Rukaramu. It lasted until the evening. A few seeds of the tree I have brought just in case from Germany. The village population was very impressed how fast you can clean and disinfect water with the seeds of the tree.
After the demonstration the population still had many questions about what the other components of the tree can be used for.

Now the residents of Rukaramu eagerly await a project in which the Moringa tree is being planted on a large scale and to receive hygiene training at school.





Site Investigation Mission to Burundi

On the first day of the trip a visit to the village Rukaramu, not far from the international airport of Bujumbura, was on the agenda.

During a conversation with the village chief (center) and during a tour in the village, he pointed out that a few years ago the installed water extration stopped working. It was installed by a foreign company.

Since then, the population is drinking the dirty brown water from the irrigation ditch. Diseases such as malaria, diarrhea and the guinea worm occur frequently.

When asked what he thinks, what the most important thing for the people is, he said that clean water is the most important thing.


World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

Today is "World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought". The UN has dedicated June 17 in the Resolution A / RES / 49/115 this important global issue in 1994. The slogan this time is "Do not let our future dry up". It aims to raise awareness that something against water stress and desertification needs to be done. Even parts of Europe are already affected by water stress.

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Round Table "Water in African Countries"

Today in Berlin the 5th round table on the topic "water in African countries - challenges - experience - solutions" took place. Frank Heinrich (MP) in cooperation with HE Dr. Mohamed Abdelhamid Ibrahim Higazy, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt have invited tor this event.

The invitation was accepted by 51 diplomats and representatives of non-governmental organizations such as WASH and the Institute Water for Africa.

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World Water Day 2013

Today's World Water Day under the slogan "Water and cooperation". The UN declared the year 2013 the "International Year of Cooperation for Water" (Resolution A / RES / 65/154). It should be reminded of the social importance of water.

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A million citizens against private water supply

The Tagesschau reported today that the required number of signatures 1 million have already been received.

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The Creeping Privatization of Water Services in Europe

The EU Commission is to tender the water supply across the EU. Previously, it was so that cities and municipality were responsible for the supply of drinking water. They operate on a cost recovery basis and are not on maximizing their profits. For the consumer, this means he gets his water in drinking water quality at an affordable price.

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"Welt: Bürger gefragt" - Closing Event

In parliament of Baden-Württemberg the closing ceremony of the Development Policy Dialogue was held today at 10 o'clock, which began this year with a kick-off event at the exhibition "Fair Handeln" on April 14.

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"Welt: Bürger gefragt" - Economy

"We want to create forums in which civil society and business meet each other" was the slogan of the topics call "economy", which took place in the Protestant Academy Bad Boll today. Representatives of the middle class and civil society discussed how to get closer in the field of development cooperation.

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"Welt: Bürger gefragt" - North-South Partnerships

The event was opened by Dr. Gisela Splett MdL, State Secretary at the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Dr. Karl-Hans Schmid, Foundation for Development Cooperation (SEZ).

During the 3-hour event also the Burundi meeting took place.

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"Welt: Bürger gefragt" - kick-off event

The State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg and the Evangelical Academy Bad Boll have invited for this event. The event was attended by approximately 350 citizens.

In a panel discussion on "dialogue encounter at eye level" Dr. Erhard Eppler, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation a. D., Eva Hosemann, Director of theater Rampe in Stuttgart, Prof. Dr. Elisio Macamo, Centre for African Studies of the University Basel, Stephan Meier Bruck, head of Kenya Art Project and Roland Beinroth, Managing Director of Messe Stuttgart GmbH talked about what they hope to achieve with this series of event "Welt Bürger:  gefragt".

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Round Table "Water Distribution in Africa" in Berlin

Yesterday, the Roundtable “Water Distribution in Africa - Challenges, Experiences, Solutions” was organised in Berlin/Germany.

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Poverty, Hunger and World Economy

On January 31, the two-day 3rd Bonn Conference on International Development Policy came to an end at the plenary hall of the World Conference Center in Bonn. More than 800 representatives of national and international NGOs, governments and associations discussed about the topics of sustainable lifestyles, food patterns and sustainable development.

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Round Table “Water Management in Africa” in Berlin

Berlin, June 6, 2011.  Today, the Roundtable “Water Management in Africa” took place in Berlin. Frank Heinrich, Member of the German Parliament Bundestag, and Ken Osinde, Ambassador of the Republic of Kenya, invited to this event. Many ambassadors of African nations followed this invitation.

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Round Table "Water Scarcity in Africa" in Berlin

Jürgen Baisch (Director) attended the Round Table in Berlin on 22nd November 2010 which was an invation from Frank Heinrich (MP German Bundestag) and the Moroccan Ambassador Botschafter Rachad Bouhlal.

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Publication in Desalination Journal

The article "Data Shortage in Africa" has been published once more.

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International Conference in Edinburgh

The internation conference "Water and Sanitation in International Development and Disaster Relief" took place in Edinburgh, Scotland from 28 to 30 May 2008.

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